Warwick is a graphic designer I met a few years ago and we have become firm friends with. We probably spend too much time putting the world to rights and talking about creative ideas than doing any real work :-). When I do projects with him they are always great fun to work on and he is a very talented designer.

"Mr D as I call him (he calls me the same), is my right hand man when it comes to anything digital. As well as putting the world to rights on more than one occasion he is a valuable asset for me and my customers." - Warwick Dipple : Owner

Examples of work for - WD Design

PTE Website

A wordpress development piece for one of Warwicks existing clients - designs supplied.

Submex Bookshop (Amends)

One of Warwicks oldest clients. I have been called upon to put together some back-end functionaility (database and e-commerce solution).