There are a few select clients below who have kindly allowed me to show the work that I have produced for them.

Quite often a client will use me for one project which then leads to my expertise being required for other work. I hope you like what you see.

Client : Marc Ford

Website Design & Development

Client : Marpatt

Website Design & Build, HTML Email, Design for Print

Client : CHAS Insurance

Website Design & Build, HTML Email (see case study), Design for Print.

Client : Me, Myself and I

Website Design, Design for Print

Client : Word Professor

Website Design & Design for Print

Client : Equity & General

Website Design & Build and HTML Email

Client : Assessment-ai

Website Design & Build, HTML Email, Design for Print

Client : WDD Design

Website Build, Website Fixes & Amends

Client : The B.E.E.F.

Website Build

Why we love working with Graham

"We have been working with Graham for almost 15 years now and he has become an indispensible member of the Marpatt team. His work on our company website and advertising has helped us win a lot of clients and provide the level of experience that we hope raises the Marpatt brand to the levels that we strive for."

Mark Koeberle : Director

"Graham is a valuable member of our team and has been instrumental in creating CHAS as a digital brand for the Contractors Health and Safety industry. His digital experience is second to none and we are constantly amazed at the returns his digital campaigns yield."

Allen Bloor : Director

"Working with Graham has been an absolute pleasure. Not only are his skills in digital marketing a tremendous benefit to the business but he also has a real commercial awareness that ensures we can the best benefit for the least amount of resource possible. I encourage anyone looking to grow their business to talk to Graham, you will not be disappointed."

Vince deStefano : Director

"I met Graham through a Facebook that we were both part of and his assitance in creating a brand and a digital presence could not have come at a better time. I am grateful for all his efforts and would recommend him to anyone for their marketing and web work"

Martyn Lax : Director

"Graham always provides excellent value for money and turns around all the projects that I give him someimes an unbelievably quick time. I am always astonished by his skill set, the things which he says are 'no problem' literally sometimes blow my mind. Use Graham for your web work, it's that simple."

Scott Kempin : Director

"Mr D as I call him (he calls me the same), is my right hand man when it comes to anything digital. As well as putting the world to rights on more than one occassion he is a valuable asset for me and my customers."

Warwick Dipple : Owner